Sellers and Closing Costs

It is common for sellers to be involved in the payment of closing costs on a home's sale. Many of the costs relate the seller's demands and maintenance of the property. Some costs have no impact on the seller, but the buyer may ask for assistance as part of the sale contract. 

Seller Demands

A seller can partly affect the cost of closing a home sale based on personal preferences. If brokers, attorneys and other professionals are involved in the process, the cost to close will go up. By offering the home for sale with minimal assistance from other third parties, a seller can keep costs to a minimum. For example, if the seller uses the same attorney to finalize the contract and set up an escrow account, the fee may be lower than if two attorneys are involved. 

Seller Maintenance

The better maintained a property is, the lower some closing costs will be. For example, a home must be inspected prior to sale. The inspection will include evaluations of the roof, windows and even termite protection. If a seller has documentation regarding when these items were repaired or replaced, the home inspection can be much easier to carry out. The fee for the inspection will be lower as a result.