Securing a Bad Credit Home Mortgage Loan

Bad credit home mortgage loans may seem like a difficult type of loan to obtain, but people with bad credit are able to buy houses all the time. In fact, you may find it easier to buy a home than to buy a car or obtain a department store credit card if you have bad credit.

Things Needed For Bad Credit Home Mortgage Loans

In order to have the most success in obtaining a bad credit home mortgage loan, you should have the following information available:

  • A history of your income, including tax records for two years, especially if you are self-employed. Longevity and stability in your job may be helpful in obtaining the loan.
  • A statement from your landlord. You are more likely to obtain a bad credit home mortgage loan if you can show a history of paying your rent on time consistently. A reference letter from your landlord can help immensely.
  • Having some money for the down payment -even as little as $500- can help you obtain a bad credit home mortgage loan, because it indicates your seriousness about making the purchase and investing your own money.

Once you have saved some money, seek out a lender who is experienced in working with individuals who have bad credit. You will be much more likely to obtain a bad credit home mortgage loan from an experienced lender who is familiar with all of the various financing opportunities.

Step 1 - Seeking Out Lenders For Bad Credit Home Mortgage Loans

There are a number of lenders who specialize in assisting clients obtain bad credit home mortgage loans. Many of these lenders are also familiar with grant programs and purchasing options that may help you not only secure the loan but reduce your out of pocket expenses.

Step 2 - Filling Out Applications For Bad Credit Home Mortgage Loans

After you've chosen your lender, fill out the loan application completely. Be sure to include as much detail as possible about your current debt and financial situation. It is a good idea to include a letter of explanation if there are extenuating circumstances surrounding your bad credit.

You can be turned down for your bad credit home mortgage loan if you lie on your application or misrepresent your situation. Your lender can only help you if you are completely honest with him or her about your situation.

Step 3 - Verification

After you have submitted your application, your lender will request a great deal of additional information from you in order to secure your loan. You may be asked to explain details that appear on your credit report, provide references, provide verification of your current debt, and other details. The more cooperative you are and the more swiftly you can provide the information requested, the faster your lender will be able to obtain your home mortgage loan.

Step 4 - Closing On Your Bad Credit Home Mortgage Loan

Once you begin the process to obtain a bad credit home mortgage loan, it is imperative that you do not further damage your credit. Pay your credit card bills, save additional money if possible, do not default on any property loans, and try to maintain or improve your credit situation during the period after your application.

Once you have been approved, the closing process is relatively simple, and before you know it, you'll be a homeowner.