How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

In the slow real estate market today, increasing the value of your home without costing too much money has become increasingly popular with homeowners. One of the better ways to invest money is to purchase a home and build up equity, but in a volatile market, homeowners are finding that every little improvement helps.

In order to increase the price you are trying to sell your home for, there are a number of changes to make that will make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. This article contains tips for the home seller who is trying to make the most from their largest investment, their home.

Keep your yard neat and clean. Pay attention to what your house looks like on the outside.

Although it may not matter to you, picking up the messy brush pile and putting away the toys will help your yard look more appealing to potential buyers. Let people know that you care about your lawn, keep it trimmed and plant flowers where you can. A well taken care of yard shows people that you maintain your home and surroundings and a potential homebuyer will consider this when they contemplate buying your home.

Pay special attention to your kitchen and bathrooms

Nothing turns off a potential homebuyer more than an outdated kitchen or an old, dejected looking bathroom. Consider upgrading any significantly old appliances and make sure that if you keep the old ones, they are clean and in working order. Repaint the kitchen and change out the cabinet hardware. A new paint job and new fixtures on the cabinet doors will give a kitchen a facelift making it more appealing to people that may potentially buy your home.

In bathrooms, one of the biggest problems is that there is never enough storage space. Consider creative ways to provide storage while at the same time creating more walk space in small bathrooms. Trading out a large vanity for a pedestal sink will increase floor space. Removing large light fixtures and putting in smaller lights will create more wall space. Adding a mirror will create the illusion that the room is larger. Look at storage options at your local home improvement store that will enhance your bathroom space.

Prepare your home for each showing

Potential homebuyers do not want to see how you live in your home; they want to be able to picture their family living in the home without having to look around your personal items. Remove household clutter and put away many of the items that make your house your home. A professional home stager can come to your home for a small fee and give your home a more neutral look that is appealing to potential homebuyers.

Regardless of the current real estate trends, people are still buying homes and your home that you have for sale will eventually sell. Remember to keep your home updated and clean, ready to show at any time. Be realistic about your expectations and be prepared to negotiate with potential buyers. The more realistic you are as a seller, the better chance you have of reaching the goal of selling your home.