How to Get a VA Home Mortgage Loan

VA home mortgage loans provide funding for US veterans to use toward a house or business. This funding provides one of the only remaining options for a zero down payment home loan, and is the reason why each month, thousands of families are able to take advantage of the special loan program

What you Need to Apply for a VA Mortgage Loan

In order to apply for the loan, you'll need to gather some basic information, including: income estimates, personal information, your Social Security number and evidence of your participation as a veteran.

Step 1 - Make Sure You Qualify

Make sure you are eligible to qualify for a Veterans Home Mortgage Loan before you go through the process of finding a lender and filling out the loan application. Once you know you are eligible, make sure you have proof and the necessary information.

Step 2 - Find a Lender

Most lenders will display their VA home mortgage rates which are often low. To make sure a beneficial loan is secured, look at specific aspects such as:

  • The repayment terms a lender might require
  • The rules for when repayment begins

Step 3 - Fill Out Application

Fill out the forms given to you by the lender. The information will be analyzed, filed and your lender will work with you to decide which options are available to you.