How Long Does a Mortgage Delinquency Stay on a Credit Report?

A mortgage delinquency is recorded on your credit report from the first 30 day late. Such a mark on the history can be devastating to your credit report, and is in fact considered much worse than a 30 day late on a credit card.

How Long

Nearly everything about you and your payment history will remain on a credit report for as many as 10 years. When you have a mortgage delinquency, it will remain for 7 years. The 7 years is counted from the first date the delinquency appears. If a single delinquency shows up on your report and you’ve had no others then in a couple of year’s time, it will not matter much to a lender and the seriousness is diminished.

Avoid at all Costs

You should take steps to avoid a mortgage delinquency at all costs. Stay in constant contact with your lender and try to work out a way that delinquencies can stay off of the report.

You may try to seek a deferment if possible or a loan modification that will help to enable you to be able to afford the loan payments. This option is usually available to borrowers when circumstances have temporarily changed for some reason.