How Home Sellers Compete with Home Builders

Home sellers often do not have as much flexibility as home builders to negotiate the price of a property. Builders often incur a comparably low cost when they create a home, and they also usually have multiple homes for sale at any moment. An individual seller, though, incurred a high expense to buy a home and has a large degree of personal equity in the home. The seller must compete on more than price alone.

Be Distinguished

One problem many builders face is the fact that one home they offer is not very distinguishable from the next. They are selling "spec homes," meaning the homes have not been customized to any individual. Distinguish your home by highlighting any unique features it may have beyond builder-grade.

Sell a Home, Not a House

While your home should not appear too personal during the time it is on the market, making it feel homey is still key. A new house from a builder will often lack the cozy feeling of a lived-in home. You can create this feeling with window treatments, lighting and live plants. Use these elements, rather than family photographs or art work, to keep your home neutral but still cozy.