A home loan is lending vehicle pursued by individuals who are intending to either purchase or improve real estate. There are a number of different home loan choices that can be applied for, depending on personal circumstances. Each type of loan will cost borrowers money in the form of interest during the repayment process. In most cases, a home loan is written for a term of 30 years with interest payments capitalized over the course of the term. Loans for homeowners range from those designed to nearly or totally fund a purchase to equity loans that can help a current homeowner make repairs, consolidate debt or pay for other pursuits.

Short Sale and Foreclosure Compared

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How Long Does Homeowners' Title Insurance Last?

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Eligibility Requirements for the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit What is the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit? 4 Steps to a Smooth Foreclosure 3 Reasons a Rent-to-Buy Program Is a Bad Idea 3 Tips to Saving on Closing Costs Move or Renovate? 3 Factors to Consider when Making the Decision 3 Home Financing Options for Subprime Borrowers 3 Mistakes that Put Homeowners in Danger of Foreclosure 3 Common Mistakes when Purchasing a Foreclosed House 5 Common Mistakes When Making a Short Sale How a Defaulted Student Loan Affects Your Mortgage Loan Application Buying and Selling a Home for Novice Homeowners The Disadvantages of a Mortgage Buy Down The Benefits of a Mortgage Buy Down What is a Mortgage Buy Down? How to Negotiate Low Closing Costs 4 Scenarios when Stated Income Home Loans Can Benefit the Lender 3 Reasons Stated Income Home Loans are Risky How Negative Equity Affects Foreclosure What is Negative Equity? How a Credit Bureau Dispute Can Affect Your Home Loan Application How to Use Your Home to Finance Higher Education Using a Good Faith Estimate to Find the Best Loan for You The Tax Benefits of Becoming a Homeowner How to Make an Offer on a Home 3 Things to Know before Making an Offer on a Home 3 Things to Consider when Applying for a Home Loan in Another State 4 Strategies to Keep Home Loan Payments Bearable 3 Mistakes First Time Homeowners Make when Choosing a Loan 3 Tell-Tale Signs of Mortgage Scams Pre-Approved for a Home Loan? The Next Steps A Guide to Understanding the Home Loan Process Home Loans for a First Time Buyer: 3 Questions to Ask Mortgage Advice for Buyers Looking for a Starter Home How to Get a Home Loan as a First Time Buyer Home Loan Advice for the Low-Income Borrower 3 Helpful Tips to Make Your New Home Purchase Go Smoothly Mortgage Loan and Debt Consolidation: How to Achieve Both How the Recession Can Benefit First-Time Homeowners Understanding the Mortgage Industry during a Slow Economy 5 Qualifications for a Low Interest Home Loan 4 Mistakes to Avoid when Completing Your First Home Loan Application What to Look for in a Second Mortgage Lender The Risks of Purchasing a Home through a Mortgage Auction The Benefits of Buying a Foreclosure in a Mortgage Auction The Advantages of Being a First-Time Home Buyer The Benefits of a 20 Percent Down Payment for a House How to Identify Predatory Lenders The Consequences of Defaulting on a Second Mortgage What Happens when You Default on a Mortgage Loan? Debt-to-Income Ratio Explained How to Purchase Bank-Owned Foreclosures Requirements to Purchase a Short Sale The Effects of a Short Sale on Your Credit Rating Credit Union Mortgage: Alternative to Bank Mortgages Required Information for FHA Loans: Preparing Your Application Secured Your Lot Loan? The Next 4 Steps Do FHA Loan Foreclosures Differ from Conventional Loan Foreclosures? Finding Stated Income Loan Lenders 5 Tips when Completing a Manufactured Home Loan Application Disadvantages of Manufactured Home Loans Advantages of Manufactured Home Loans How a Recession Can Affect Your Home Mortgage Application Getting Mortgage Loan Approval During a Bad Economy How to Get the Best Lot Loan Rates 5 Factors Affect the Current Prime Rate Home Improvement Financing: Choosing the Best Option What is non-Judicial Foreclosure? How the non-Judicial Foreclosure Process Works Understanding Mortgage Loans for Teachers Reinstate a Mortgage in Default Status How Lenders Handle Mortgage Delinquency Loan Modification: 6 Tips to Increase Your Chances How Your Credit Card Balances Affect Your Mortgage Application Stated Income Loan Qualifcations and Requirements 3 Reasons to Avoid Blind Loan Modificiation The Problem with Do-It-Yourself Loan Modification Carryback Loans: Average Terms Where Are The Best Places To Find Carryback Loans? Foreclosing With A Carryback Loan: What Happens Next? Can I Get A Carryback Loan With Existing Debt? Carryback Loans: For Sale By Owner vs Real Estate Sellers Carryback Loans And Their Loan Repayment Schedules What Are Carryback Loans? Where Is The Best Place To Find A 80/20 Loan? What Are The Best Interest Rates for 80/20 Loans? 80/20 Loans: What Is The Best ARM Term Foreclosing A 80/20 Loan: What Happens Next? Home Loan Options for Borrowers with Low Down Payments How Non-Recourse Loan Laws Vary from State to State Fixed-Rate Bad Credit Construction Loans Step by Step The Disadvantages of Non-Recourse Loans Where to Get FHA Loan Information: 7 Reliable Sources The Advantages of Non-Recourse Loans Credit Requirements of Non-Recourse Loans What Are Foreclosure Loans? Risks of a Piggyback Mortgage Loan What is a Piggyback Mortgage Loan? Recommended Home Loans for Short Term Residents Foreclosure Loan Benefits Comparing Non-Recourse Loans and Recourse Loans Life After Foreclosure: How to Rebuild Your Credit 4 Benefits of Jumbo Loans The Risks of a Recourse Loan The Benefits of a Recourse Loan What is a Recourse Loan? The Pitfalls of Purchasing Foreclosed Homes Jumbo Loans: Risks and Dangers Can I Get A 80/20 Loan With Bad Credit? Do Non-Recourse Loans Provide Federal Tax Benefits? Identifying If You Have a Non-Recourse Loan Non-Recourse Loan Default: 3 Consequences Evaluating the Risks of Non-Recourse Loans Finding an Experienced Residential Construction Loan Expert Is Loan Prequalification Good Enough? The Effect of Increasing Foreclosures on the Mortgage Industry Using Personal Loans as a Down Payment for a Mortgage Recommended Home Loans for Long Term Residents What is a Lot Loan? Buying a Home After Foreclosure How Long Does a Mortgage Delinquency Stay on a Credit Report? Comparing Stated Income Loans to Full Documentation Loans What is a Bi-Weekly Mortgage? Disadvantages of a Bi-Weekly Mortgage What are Non-Recourse Loans? Consequences of Defaulting on a Recourse Loan Financial Hardship Assistance for My Mortgage Purpose of an Interest-Only Loan What are Wrap-Around Mortgages? Important Foreclosure Laws to Know Optimize Your Construction Loan: Lender Selection Essentials What is the Prime Lending Rate? Benefits of a Bi-Weekly Mortgage No Doc Home Equity Loans: Reviewing the Downside Applying for No Doc Home Loans: 3 Useful Tips FHA and VA Loan Pros and Cons What is a hybrid loan? Credit Score and Mortgage Qualification and Rate What is a Construction Loan? What is a Bridge Loan? Negotiationg Mortgage Loan Terms Benefits of Private Home Loan From Friend/Relative's Bank Finding Private Real Estate Loans For Investment Opportunities Finding a Good Mortgage Broker Selecting the Best Home Purchase Loan What is a Conforming Loan? How Predatory Lending Laws Help the Borrower What is a Loan Prepayment Penalty? Misperceptions of Interest Only Mortgages Second Mortgages and Home Purchases What is a No-Cost Mortgage? Interest-Only ARMs Interest-Only Loans: Past and Present What is a Portable Mortgage? Favoring an ARM Loan Favoring Balloon Mortgages What are Balloon Mortgages? What is a Workout Assumption? Vacation Home Mortgages Who Should Apply for 80/20 Loans? What is a Portfolio Mortgage? What is a Mortgage Buydown? Home and Investment Property Advice from Seasoned Borrowers 6 Questions to Ask a Loan Modification Attorney What is an Acceleration Clause? Using Multiple Home Loan Brokers Determining Wholesale Home Loan Rates Wholesale Mortgage Loan Lenders to Consider Adding a Borrower to an Existing Mortgage What Are 80/20 Loans? Tips for Buying a Foreclosure The Effect of a Home Foreclosure on Your Credit Report 3 Benefits of 80/20 Loans Purchasing a Short Sale: 4 Things You Should Know Who Benefits from a Stated Income Loan? 4 Dangers of Carryback Loans Dangers of a Wrap-Around Mortgage The Dangers of Stated Income Loans Avoiding Foreclosure: Short Selling on an Interest-Only Loan What are Jumbo Loans? A Guide to the FHA Loan Program FHA Loan Qualifications: A Self-Assessment How to Apply for an FHA Loan in 4 Easy Steps How to Recognize Foreclosure Rescue Scams Are 15 Year Loans a Good Idea? 4 Reasons a Mortgage Lender Would Be Recommended Why Does My Monthly Mortgage Payment Change? What are Conforming Loan Limits What to Include in a Financial Hardship Letter to your Mortgage Lender Interviewing Mortgage Lenders What is a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure? What is a Short Sale? Working With Your Home Loan Mortgage Broker What is Judicial Foreclosure? How Moving Down Payment Money Around Can Affect Your Mortgage Application 4 Reasons Banks Reject Short Sales 4 Short Sale Mistakes Buyers Should Avoid What Happens to Equity During Foreclosure? Home Loans: How Much Can I Afford? Benefits of a Piggyback Mortgage Loan 4 Reasons to Use a Mortgage Broker Why Loan Preapproval Is the Way to Go What is a Loan Origination Fee? The Construction to Permanent Loan Application Process Explained Understanding Construction to Perm Loans 4 Types of Mortgage Lenders Explained 3 Options for Homeowners Experiencing Financial Hardship Why Bridge Loans are Risky 6 Reasons to Stay Away from Short Sales How the Recession Affects First-Time Home Buyers Comparing Mortgage Loan Prequalification and Preapproval Carryback Loans: Benefits and Positives Dangers and Pitfalls of 80/20 Loans Foreclosure Loan vs Loan Modification The FHA Streamline Loan and Conventional Refinancing Compared What is Predatory Lending? Can You Pay Off Mortgage Early? Comparing a Balloon Mortgage to an ARM HUD Home Improvement Loans for Disabled Persons Conventional and Owner Builder Construction Loan Interest Rates Compared 80/20 Loans vs Private Mortgage Insurance Getting a Low Interest Home Improvement Loan With Your Equity Secured Home Improvement Loans: Low Rates Through Collateral The Note Modification Home Construction Loan Financing Explained How to Conduct an Online Home Loan Comparison 2 Programs for Low Income Home Loans Finding Home Loan Information That's Current and Accurate Home Loan Preapproval Paperwork: A Few of the Documents You'll Need When to Consider Interest Only Home Loans Alternatives to Foreclosure Using a Second Mortgage for a Home Improvement Loan The Benefits of Finding a Home Improvement Loan Online 3 Home Improvement Loan Information Sources Construction Loan Brokers and Lenders Using a One Time Close Construction Loan to Finance Your Home Using Owner Builder Construction Loans to Replace Contractor Fees The FHA Loan Approval Process Simplified The Streamlined FHA 203k Rehab Loan for Do-It-Yourself Remodelers Title 1 FHA Home Improvement Loans Explained Determining the FHA Loan Amount Available to You FHA Loan Guidelines for Refinancing Inside FHA County Loan Limits: Should You Buy a Home Now? Researching FHA Loan Limits in Your Area Using a FHA Home Loan to Refinance Your Mortgage Home Improvement Loans for Do-It-Yourself Projects What is a Stated Income Loan? Can You Qualify for an FHA Loan With Poor Credit? Refinancing a Mortgage With an FHA Secure Home Loan Investment Mortgage Loans for Aspiring Developers Low Interest Home Improvement Loan: Getting Low Rates Five Essential Tips to Avoid Loan Modification Scams Stated Income Loans and the Potential of Fraud Building Credit for Mortgage Qualification FHA vs VA Loan: Side by Side 4 Advantages of Construction to Permanent Loans New Home Builder? Construction Loans to Consider Loan Amortization Explained Can My Rental History Affect My Mortgage Application? Disadvantages of Assumable Loans Benefits of Assumable Loans What are Assumable Loans? What is a Partially Amortizing Loan? What is a Fully Amortizing Loan? What is Negative Amortization? What is an FHA Loan? Subprime Mortgage Loans: 4 Pitfalls to Lookout For How Subprime Home Loans Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams Does the FHA Refinance Loans? How No Doc Mortgage Loans Benefit the Self-Employed Can You Qualify for a Home Improvement Loan with No Equity? What is an Interest-Only Mortgage? Avoiding foreclosure What is foreclosure? When Do My Mortgages Default? Will Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure? What is Pre-Foreclosure? What is a Mortgage Reinstatement Period? What is a Blind Loan Modification? How to Evaluate Your Risk of Foreclosure Are 50 Year Mortgage Loans a Good Idea? Second Mortgage vs Home Equity Loan: Side By Side 5 Keys To Scoring Low-Rate Mortgage Loans Apply for a Second Home Loan Does a No Doc Mortgage Loan Really Exist? First-Time Home Purchase: Mortgage Loans For You Avoiding Mortgage Loan Fraud 40 Year Mortgage: Pros and Cons 2nd Mortgage Loans: 5 Things To Know Home Loan Debt Consolidation vs Home Equity Loans How to Get a Construction Loan with Bad Credit What is a Nonrecourse Mortgage? Convertible Adjustable Rate Mortgages Acceleration Clauses Defined What is a 2nd Mortgage? What is a No-Ratio Loan? What is a No-Income Verification Mortgage Loan? Temporary Buydowns Defined Are Mortgage Points Tax Deductible? What are Mortgage Points? What is Mortgage Modification? What is an Upfront Mortgage Broker? Qualifying for a Mortgage Modification Benefits of an Upfront Mortgage Broker Mortgage Closing Costs - How They are Calculated How Mortgage Modification Affects Your Home Equity Line When to Pay for Mortgage Points? Risks of Lying on a Stated Income Loan Application Temporary Buydown on an Interest-Only Loan Financing Mortgage Points - A Good Idea? How Negative Mortgage Points Work Dealing With Upfront Mortgage Brokers Calculate Mortgage Points Accurately FHA Loans: The Ins and Outs Negotiating Your ARM Mortgage Loan VA Construction Loans: Building Your Dream Home Inside the Home Owner Debt Consolidation Loan Process Aquiring an Investment Property With a Home Equity Loan How To Apply for FHA Loan Converting Your ARM Loan Rate to A Fixed Rate Your Investment Home: Avoid VA Loan Foreclosure Mortgage Broker or Loan Officer: Choosing the Best for You Mortgage Loan Broker: A No-Nonsense Guide Capturing a Home Improvement Loan After Mortgage Why a Home Improvement Loan is a Key Investment HUD vs. FHA Loans: A Side by Side Comparison Conventional or FHA Loan: Weighing Your Options How to Pay Option ARM Loans Which ARM Home Loan is Best For You? What an Option ARM Loan Can Do For You ARM Loans: The Benefits Construction to Permanent Loan Owner Builder Construction Loans Home Improvement Loans Offer Convenience What Is An Unsecured Home Loan? Getting a Consumer Mortgage Loan Benefits of a Second Home Mortgage Loan Getting Secured Home Loans Home construction loan mortgages Home Construction loans - Financing your dream Build Your Own House Using an Owner Builder Construction Home How To Get A Hard Money Construction Loan Which is best: HELOC, 2nd mortgage, or cash out refi? Why You Need Title Insurance and What It Should Cost Top 10 Home Buying Mistakes Top 5 Home Loan Scams What are reverse mortgages? What gets included in debt-to-income ratios? What happens when you skip a mortgage payment? What Is a Graduated Payment Mortgage? What is a Stated-Income Mortgage? What is a Sub-Prime lender? What is an Overage? Is it Time to Buy Your Dream House? What lies might I hear? Is my broker/lender ethical? What to do about bad servicing? Reverse Mortgages, Are They Right For You? Should I accept a loan with a prepayment penalty? Should unmarried partners buy a house? Spotting Predatory Lenders The Difference between Pre-qualification and Pre-approval How do I avoid getting taken at the closing? How do I cancel PMI? How do I choose an ethical subprime lender? How do I choose the best subprime loan? How do I compare loans? How large of a down payment should you make? How to Avoid Mortgage Foreclosure Scams How to Prepare Your Home for Sale How to Spot an Unethical Lender Consider an Energy Efficient Mortgage Do I have any recourse when my Good Faith Estimate" goes bad?" How can I avoid lapsed prices? How can I buy before I sell? Are brokers or lenders better? Are credit repair services worthwhile?