Getting a Home Equity Fixed Loan

When looking at procuring a home equity fixed loan look for a fixed or set rate of loan, on which the interest remains constant through the mortgage duration or for the predetermined time period. A home equity fixed loan is the most popular of its kind, and more than half of all home loans are mortgages with set interest rates.

Advantages of a Home Equity Fixed Loan

The foremost benefits of taking a home equity fixed loan are:

  1. Security -You are safe in the knowledge that no matter how market conditions vary during the predetermined time period, your rate of interest on your mortgage will not change. For example, if the lender of your home equity fixed loan charges you pay 6 percent interest, it will remain the same whether the market rises up to 7 percent or drops to a 5 percent rate.
  2. Budget planning - Because you know precisely how much interest and principal you will be paying for your loan, you can plan your budget in advance accordingly.

Features of a Home Equity Fixed loan

A home equity fixed loan has certain characteristics that set it apart from other home loans.

  1. Compared to floating or adjusting mortgage rates, this concept is simple to grasp and follow, and thereby popular with first time buyers of homes, who are usually not too experimental, and generally comforted by the security it offers.
  2. Home equity fixed loans calls for a higher rate of interest, with higher monthly payments initially, and will be usually less flexible than an adjusting mortgage rate.