Equity Mortgage Loan

An equity mortgage loan is a loan taken as collateral against available equity in a home or property that you own. These loans often exist to take advantage of increased home value, either to pay off debts, consolidate other debts in one place, or to gather capital for additional investments.

The steps of the standard equity mortgage loan process are as follows:

  • Determine the available equity of your home. You can get an estimate of fair market value, or use the services of a paid assessor who determines the value of your house and then subtract that amount from the mortgage owed. This difference is the amount you may be able to borrow.
  • Contact a qualified and respectable lender. Depending on your situation, they will be able to offer you options if you qualify for the loan. These option include repayment terms, interest rates, and scope of the loan amount. You can also compare lenders at the website mortgage101.com.
  • Be sure you understand the terms of the loan thoroughly. Ask questions of your lender or get the advice of a trained professional. The repayment terms will determine what sort of benefit the loan will be to you.
  • Utilize the capital from your new loan in the most advantageous way. Organize your outstanding debt, invest in new property or endeavors, or simply stabilize your financial life.