Do I have any recourse when my Good Faith Estimate" goes bad?"

You may have recourse, but it depends on whether you can prove anything. The hardest part about proving that you didn't receive an accurate Good Faith Estimate (GFE) is finding evidence that your lender intentionally withheld information.

Most potential homeowners shop around to find the lender who offers the best deal. Lenders know this, so they.ll give you a "best case scenario" GFE to try and get your business. Unfortunately, lenders aren't required to provide revised Good Faith Estimates. So you may or may not be notified if anything changes with your chosen lender.

In cases where the misinformation can be proven, you will also need to prove that your decision to work with this particular lender was influenced by the inaccurate information. If you can do that, you have a good case and should consider filing a small claims suit to try and recover monies lost.

Also, register a complaint with the HUD Office of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and with the government agency that oversees the lender.