3 Smart Tips for Using the Funds from a Home Equity Loan

Getting a home equity loan gives you access to the equity of your house without selling it. It is a great source of funds to use for many different reasons. Many people tend to use their funds for frivolous things like vacations or big screen televisions. If you want to use your home equity for the best purpose, you should think about what you are spending it on. Here are a few smart tips for using the funds from your home equity loan.

Tip 1 - Home Improvement

One of the best things that you can do with the funds from your home equity loan is to improve your home. Putting the money back into the house will help build the value for when you try to sell it. It will also make the home more enjoyable while you live in it.

There are many things that you could do that would be considered home improvement. Adding on a room is a popular choice that adds functionality to your home. Putting down new flooring is another good thing. Repainting, putting in new cabinets, and repairing the outside of your house are also popular choices. Regardless of what you decide to work on, your house will be much better off because of it. Try to make smart repairs that will net you a bigger return when you sell. Do not put all of your money into repairs that do not add value. 

Tip 2 -Investments

Once in a while, an investment opportunity comes along that is too great to pass up. When these opportunities come along, we rarely have thousands of dollars sitting in the bank just waiting. For those times, a home equity loan is a great way to fund the investment. When you use the funds for an investment, you'll want to make sure that you know what you are doing. Do not just give your money away without doing the proper due diligence on the investment. Only seek investments that will yield higher returns than what the home equity loan is costing you. 

Tip 3 - Auto Loans

When you are out shopping for a new car, you will undoubtedly be bombarded with financing offers. When this happens, you can rest assured that the interest rate will be high in most cases. Auto loan interest is sometimes higher than other types of loans that you can get. Therefore, if you use a home equity loan to fund the car purchase, you will save money on the interest. Unlike an auto loan, you will also be able to deduct the interest from the home equity loan payments on your income taxes. Therefore, the loan will save you on the monthly payments as well as give you more back on your taxes.