What are the Benefits of Revolving Credit Car Loans?

Revolving credit car loans benefit borrowers in many ways.  Having access to a revolving credit car loan means that a borrower can eliminate their fixed monthly payment. A borrower can also control the amount of credit needed, up to a predetermined maximum, and payback the outstanding amount over time.

Revolving car loans give borrowers more freedom and flexibility over their use of credit. This flexibility is similar to credit card freedoms of some of the largest credit card providers. A revolving credit car loan and be paid slowly over time and can be used as necessary.

The benefits of the card should be considered by individuals with control and discipline over their finances and credit. The revolving credit line should be used with care because a borrower can end up owing more than what is affordable to them.

No Fixed Monthly Payments

Revolving credit car loans differ from traditional installment car loans because there are no fixed monthly payments. The lender, based on the borrower’s credit score and income, establishes a line of credit and allows the borrower to access the funds for the purchase of the vehicle.

Repayment terms can be interest-only payments, lump sum payments or a series of variable amounts. There is no established required amount that needs to be paid, and a borrower may sometimes go several months before making a payment. This is beneficial for a borrower that has money invested in other entities and is waiting for them to mature.

No Prepayment Penalties

A revolving credit car loan allows the borrower to pay as little, or as much as they want on the loan. Payment of the loan will not result in a prepayment penalty or fees. Revolving credit lines are open credit lines that can be paid back at any time. Be careful to read through your paperwork before you sign because some lines of credit have established termination fees.

Lower Interest Rate

When compared to traditional car loans, revolving credit car loans typically have lower interest rates. The rates are typically at 2 to 5 percent lower. Additionally, revolving loans have less interest costs over the life of the loans because the borrower is only responsible for paying interest on borrowed amounts.

Revolving credit car loans may provide advantages to certain borrowers with proven financial discipline.


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