What are Revolving Credit Car Loans?

Revolving credit car loans are similar to credit cards extended to you for the sole purpose of buying a vehicle. They are typically offered by the car manufacturer as an alternative to a standard installment loan. The revolving loan has a maximum limit, and you can stay within the limit and make minimum payments each month. 

Positives of Revolving Credit Car Loans

The biggest benefit of this type of loan is the flexibility. You may maintain the option to utilize the credit anyway you chose. Also, you do not have to pay the same amount on a month when you have less liquidity. 

Downsides of Revolving Credit Car Loans

The primary downside of these loans is the interest rates often adjustable rates and you could end up owing more over time than you would with a traditional installment loan. Additionally, they require a high degree of discipline because the amount of flexibility you have with this payment option allows you to overspend.

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