Unsecured Car Loans: Are They Risky?

Unsecured car loans are those which do not require the borrower to put up any collateral. This may seem like a good deal for the borrower, but there are plenty of pitfalls. It may be the only option for someone with a poor credit score, or one unwilling to risk their personal assets in order to purchase a vehicle.

Beyond the fact that unsecured car loans require no collateral, this type of auto financing is usually processed in a very short amount of time. The lack of collateral involves greater risk for the lender however, meaning the benefits come at a cost.

Unsecured Car Loans: The Downside

Aside from the risk to the lender, there are certain disadvantages to unsecured car loans for the consumer:

        Your credit and employment history will be placed under a microscope; a poor credit score can make it difficult or impossible to qualify.

        Unsecured car loans usually command much higher interest rates and less favorable terms to the consumer.

Get Your "Ducks in a Row"

You can find the best deals on unsecured car loans when you prepare ahead of time:

         Get a copy of your credit report and check it for accuracy.

         Do your due diligence; comparison shop for loans as you would any other product

         Pay down or settle as much debt as possible in order to achieve the lowest possible debt-to-income ratio.

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