The Definite Online Used Car Loan FAQ

Finding an online used car loan can be intimidating because there are a number of lenders and scams to avoid. Know a few simple tips to navigate the online quotes effectively.

How do I Know Who I am Dealing With?
Even if the lender is online, there should be contact information for the business. Look for a real address and phone number. If you have important questions in the future, you will need this information.

What Information Should I Provide?
You should be able to get a quote without providing personal information. Your exact interest rate will depend on your credit score. Before providing your personal information for a credit check, see if you can enter a range of your credit score to get an approximate rate calculation.

Do I Need Credit Insurance?
Credit insurance pays your loan in the event you cannot due to a death or disability. Some lenders require it. Ask if your online used car loan rate includes the cost of credit insurance and if its required.

Protect yourself when you are shopping around online. Online used car loans may provide cost-effective options for a savvy individual who knows what to ask.


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