Getting First Time Auto Loans With No Credit History

Getting a first time auto loan with no credit is just as hard as getting one with bad credit because the auto loan company has no reason to believe you will make your payments. By showing them you will make payments in other ways, you have a better chance of getting a loan. You will likely still have comparatively high interest rates, but you can at least secure the loan and get your vehicle. Consider the following ways to show a lender you will make payments.

Have a Co-Signor

The easiest way to get good credit when you have none, is to borrow credit from someone else. You will not build your credit as quickly when you apply for your loans with co-signors. However, it may be necessary to use a parent or spouse as a co-signor on your first installment loan to get your credit initially established. Keep in mind: as soon as you are eligible for a loan without a co-signor, you should consider taking this route.

Provide Proof of Employment

Providing proof of employment and income is a good way to show you are financially able to make your car payments. This is especially true if you have been employed with the same company for more than one year. If you recently were hired, you will have a more difficult time using this as justification of your ability to pay. Your employer may also issue a statement verifying not just your dates of employment but attesting to your character. 

Have a Large Down Payment

If you are able to provide a larger than average down payment on your first auto, you will benefit in a few ways. First, the loan you take will be smaller than if you had to finance the entire car. Taking out a smaller loan will make your payments less over time, reducing the amount you will pay in interest fees. Second, you will be showing you have the financial ability to both save and dedicate a large amount of resources toward the purchase.

Provide Proof of Funds

A lender can typically validate the amount of funds you have in a bank account. Allowing your lender to verify your accounts and the funds you have available will provide a way for that lender to check your financial stability without running a credit report. Showing more than one bank account, such as a checking and savings or investment, will give you credibility in the lender's eyes. Again, your interest rates may still be high. Now, though, the lender has a reason to consider your loan application.

Ask About Incentives

Many lenders, such as Nissan Motor Acceptance and General Motors Acceptance, have incentives for first time auto buyers. These incentives may be as small as a $100 discount on the purchase price of the car to a guaranteed loan approval. Nissan Motor Acceptance offers a student discount to those who have graduated from college in the past year. Other incentives include those for students in graduate or medical school, veterans, teachers and state employees. 

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