Finding the Best Auto Loan Rates: Online vs. Phone Queries

The best auto loan rates are usually available through a third party or bank rather than a car dealer. Whether you get your loan by phone or online, assure you are working with a credible company. You can find dedicated lenders through an Internet search, but it may be better to speak on the phone to negotiate details.

Online Lenders: Pros and Cons
Online lenders usually bundle a large number of auto loans. They can often provide you with the best auto loan rates through the volume of their loans. It is additionally convenient to shop online; you can compare quotes from multiple lenders in just a few hours. However, you will likely fill out a set questionnaire that does not offer much flexibility. You will not have the opportunity to ask questions and negotiate details.

Phone Queries: Pros and Cons
When you are making calls for the best auto loan, you will likely spend a lot of time on hold. It can take days to narrow down a few sources that will offer you competitive rates. Patience will pay off for most people. By taking time to ask the right questions you can find discounts that are not offered online. Ask about student discounts, discounts by location or vocation and first-time car buyers.

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