Disadvantages of Private Party Auto Loans

Private party auto loans are arrangements between a borrower and a non-financial entity or person. The purpose of a private party auto loan is to facilitate borrowing between 2 parties that may not necessarily need to involve a bank or financial institution. The terms and conditions of these loans are determined between the parties and are not subject to banking or lending regulations imposed by a state or other the federal government.

Disadvantages of a Private Party Auto Loan

The disadvantages of a private party auto loan are that they are unregulated. Other than legal redress that may be sought related to the contract itself, there is no enforcement authority that can step in and protect the interests of either party should the loan be defaulted or if the interest rate and other terms in the contract appear to be excessive. These risks should be understood fully by both parties within the transactions and accounted for in the loan agreement or whatever other form of agreement that may take place.

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