A car loan is a lending instrument that provides people with the cash they need to purchase used or new vehicles. There are a variety of places people can obtain car loans from. How much a loan will ultimately cost will depend on the term in months involved and the amount of interest charged. Most people turn to banks to obtain the car loan they need. Other options can include credit unions and finance companies. When only a small amount of money is required, credit cards or buy-here-pay-here options might also be explored.

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3 Reasons a 72-Month Auto Loan Is a Bad Decision

A 72-month auto loan can be a trap for the consumer. Many experts agree that entering into these loans is an unwise financial decision.... »

What Is a Deferred Car Loan?

Deferred car loans often address special circumstances for some borrowers. These loans have a special market that has special needs. Typically, they are targeted... »

3 Tips about Securing Car Loans for Pensioners

Car loans for pensioners may present some challenges. Pensioners may have fixed incomes. They are very often no longer in the workforce. However, these... »

7 Things to Know before Applying for a Car Loan

You are dreaming of owing your own new car and applying for a car loan. Pause to consider the following to ensure that the process is... »

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