Bypass the Bank: Bad Credit and Auto Loan Resources Online

If a borrower has bad credit, getting an auto loan from a bank is not the best option.  Subprime lenders, credit unions, hard money lenders, and other alternative types of lenders are part of a pool of lenders that are willing to accept bad credit or ignore credit history altogether.  The internet is the best tool for people with bad credit to research and select an auto loan provider. Below is a list of helpful sites that will make the searching a little easier:

Helpful Sites

Bad Credit Offers ( is a company that provides consumers with useful information in condensed forms.  This website compares the top options for people with bad credit.  For bad credit auto loans, Bad Credit Offers ranks My Credit Tree,,, and    

Auto Credit Express ( provides borrowers with information pertaining to the borrowing process.  It begins with an explanation of what a bad credit loan is, continues with a list of eligibility requirements, and culminates with an application for poor credit loans.  The website is completely comprehensive because it is written in simple language that the layman understands.  It also provides the browser with advice for improving his or her credit score.  Borrowers that use this website will find loan calculators and a quick applications.  Auto Credit Express claims to “have closed over 1 billion dollars in bad credit car loans” and also to meet “all the Better Business Bureau standards.” ( is another company that helps bad credit borrowers through the process of obtaining a bad credit auto loan.  This website is unique because of it's focus is making the borrower feel unashamed of having bad credit.  With, borrowers can obtain, complete, and submit an online application in little time with little trouble and zero confrontations.  Additionally, this website does not charge upfront fees and does not place obligations on the borrower. can set a borrower up with a local loan officer who will walk the borrower through his or her options.  The borrower can meet with the loan officer and discuss terms without being obligated to any loan scenario. 

For a combination of evaluation of websites and applications for bad credit loans, Auto Loan Central ( is a good website to browse.  This company offers lists of cars found on the internet based on price.  Auto Loan Central says that they specialize “in helping people with poor credit get approved for a car loan.”  Although this company has a central office, it is connected with over 400 lenders, which means that a borrower will definitely be exposed to a variety of options. 

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