What Does a Wholesale Commercial Loan Company Do?

A wholesale commercial loan company is in the business of providing loans to certain customers on a flexible or more favorable basis than a regular lender. These companies provide loan rates that can be lower than the commercial loan rate provided between traditional lenders and borrowers. A wholesale commercial loan company has the ability to work directly with some borrowers in order to provide commercial loans. This lowers the cost of the loan, which results in savings for the borrower.

Offer Flexible Terms

A wholesale commercial loan company works with start-up companies or other businesses looking to finance a project. Based on the collateral requirements and business plan, the lender can custom design a loan that is flexible in terms of its payback requirements.

Offer Lower Rates

The flexibility that the wholesale commercial loan company has in working directly with the borrower allows them to offer discount or near discount rates that are lower than the ones provided by traditional lenders.