Small Business Loans for Women: Key Resources for Finding Funding

Women applying for small business loans should have a solid business plan and good credit. As with any applicant, a lending agency will want to know from financial history and realistic projections that the woman will be able to repay the small business loan.

More women than ever are opening small businesses, but because securing business loans has traditionally been harder for women there are some resources that work specifically with women to find funding for small business loans. There are also organizations that specifically target women with kids or women who work from home.

The Small Business Administration's Office of Women's Business Ownership is one place to start. While the Small Business Administration, run through the government, does not give loans, it will back businesses to help them get loans through traditional lending agencies. Its Women's Business Ownership page at provides helpful links to local and regional resources designed to help women find small business loans.

The Womens Funding Network at includes more than 130 organizations worldwide that invest in women. The site offers connections to organizations focused on women, as well as resources to help women get small business loans for specific projects.