SBA Loan Program for International Trade Businesses

The SBA loan program for international trade businesses, also known as the SBA International Trade Loan program is a program designed to help your small business become successful on a global scale.

How the International Trade Loan Program Works

The loans offered through this loan program are provided by third-party lenders, such as private commercial banks, and are guarantied by the Small Business Administration (SBA). For this reason you should start your search by talking to different third-party lenders. Because the loans are guarantied by the SBA, the lender risks decrease greatly which encourages third-party lenders to approve applications for international trade business loans.

Available Funds and Interest Rates

Through the SBA program for international trade businesses, borrowers may receive a loan for as much as $2 million. Of this, as much as $1.75 million will be SBA guarantied. Interest rates on these loans are determined between the borrower and the lender, without the consent of the SBA. This is one reason why you should talk to several different lenders before choosing one to ensure that you get the best interest rate.

Is Your Business Eligible?

Not every small business is eligible for a loan from the SBA International Trade Loan program. Eligible businesses include those that have been negatively affected by the international market and want to keep a competitive edge as well as those that wish to expand existing export markets or develop new ones.