Resuming Business with an SBA Disaster Loan

SBA disaster loans are available directly from the U.S. Small Business Administration and FEMA. These loans are specifically designed to help business owners who are victims of natural disasters recover quickly and get back into business. The disaster loan program is the only form of direct lending provided by the SBA.

SBA Disaster Loans

When a business owner suffers a loss due to hurricane, fire or tornado where the cause was natural and/or catastrophic, the SBA through FEMA provides loans that can be used to help the business rebuild, relocate and reestablish itself. These funds differ from the traditional SBA loan programs in that they are not guarantees made through private lenders but provide a way for a business to immediately access money in order to begin the resumption of business activities.

Short Term Financing

These types of loans do not generally require the same credit check and other detailed documentation that other forms of SBA loan guarantees have. They are meant to provide a short-term stop gap funding for a business until more permanent long-term financing can be secured.