Negotiating Commercial Loans: Broker Tips for Better Terms

A commercial loans broker works with business to finance start-up ventures or fund projects. Commercial loans brokers have the ability to work with many different insurance companies in order to offer you the best rates and products that best meet your needs.

Compare Rates

Working with a broker gives you an opportunity as a consumer to negotiate in order to receive the best loan rate that is available. Depending on the size of the loan and type of relationship, you have with the broker, you should ask for multiple offers in order to compare rates. Based on your rate comparison, ask the broker to see what additional offers are available that are lower than the ones you have received. In many cases, the broker has the ability to go back to the lender and ask for a preferred rate that will meet your financing needs.

Understand What the Rates Are

Have a number in mind that you want to have as a loan rate and be ready to show how that rate is readily available for customers like you. Being prepared to negotiate and show the broker that you understand the rates that are available will give you some leverage when asking for a better loan term.