Instant Approval Business Credit Cards: Do You Really Get Approved Instantly?

There was a time when people had to wait for several days to get their credit cards approved, but all this has changed with the advent of instant approval business credit cards. These credit cards are provided through online as well as through the phones, but the online process is far more convenient and faster. This is why, the instant approval business credit cards are often termed as online approval credit cards.

 Simplicity of Application

In most of the cases, an individual or a group of persons applying for some line of credit, from a company providing credit card facility, can get their approval for a business credit card within 24 hours. It doesn't matter if the business, applying for the business credit card, is of an established firm or a completely new one. Below are some features that make the approval of instant approval business credit cards really instant:

  • No employment proof is needed

  • No need of a bank account

  • No need of  any credit check

  • No lengthy paper works

  • No or a little chance of denial

Incentives for having Instant Approval Business Credit Card

Instant approval business credit cards can be used for several purposes ranging from managing finances to vendors, from traveling expenses to overhead costs and many others. These credit cards are being specifically targeted by credit card companies that are ready to provide incentives to the business credit card holders. The more one uses this credit card the more one can reap the benefits. The incentives can include from a couple of to all of the points listed below:

  • Generous repayment terms

  • Cash bonuses

  • Rebates on interests

  • Discounts on purchases and services

What are the Advantages of having Instant Approval Business Credit Cards?

Instant approval business credit cards help a lot in establishing a credit ranking, which in turn can help in securing large capital purchases. As most of the businesses try to keep track of all kinds of money exchanges through the credit card records, this can get easier with the business credit cards. This is due to the fact that the business credit cards provide a monthly statement that is more organized and can be easily tracked via online. This better tracking of the credit records facilitate the approval of the applications for some business loans.

Usually, the instant approval business credit cards don't have any preset spending and the introductory APR associated with them is either very low or is almost 0%, where APR stands for "Annual Percentage Yield". Then there are some other great benefits too, which include:

  • Absolutely free flier miles

  • Vehicle rentals coverage

  • Cash disbursement in emergencies

  • Rewards in the form of points, provided by several hotels, airlines and stores

Earlier the instant credit cards were only issued to the people who had a credit record that could be categorized under a scale of good to excellent. But now, the time has changed dramatically due to the fierce competition among the credit card companies. Each and every credit card company is looking for ways to expand its customer base and the instant approval business credit card is the first among such measures.