Hard Money Business Loans

Hard money business loans are short term loans for quick money and generally used to aid businesses with cash-flow problems. These loans are secured by property and have higher rates than other loans. All businesses run into cash-flow problems for various reasons and could use the interim solution of hard money business loans.

Hard Money Business Loan Uses:

  • Short-term operational costs
  • Emergency repair or maintenance costs
  • Bridging the gap between receivables and payables
  • Other short term or one time cash flow problems

The biggest challenge for business owners is to find reputable sources of hard money business loans at competitive interest rates. Because of the short-term nature and higher risk of the loan, many lending institutions either do not give these loans, or charge very high rates.

Where to Find Hard Money Business Loans

One easy way to find hard money business loans is to go to the web site iBank.com. At this web site, business owners can file on-line applications for potential lenders to evaluate. Application information submitted by users is secure and shared with lenders only with their permission.