FSA Loans for Young Farmers and Ranchers

Young rural farmers can apply for FSA loans to fund their income-generating farm projects. Any eligible individual can borrow up to $5,000 from the agency's operating loan program.

Loan Program Requirement
Applicants of the agricultural loan should be 10 to 20 years of age and have a farm-related project supported by 4-H clubs, the Future Farmers of America, or any organization of the same cause. The proposed venture should also:

  • be of a modest size and promotes educational exposure associated with farming
  • be carried out with the assistance of an advisor from an accredited organization
  • demonstrate its capability to generate sufficient income to pay the loan

Use of Funds
The FSA loan proceeds should be used for any farm project that can produce enough income and at the same time imparts the youth knowledge and skills that he can apply for future farming ventures. The borrower may use the funds to purchase livestock, seeds, and farm supplies. He may wish to finance the rent or repair of an equipment or buy a new one using the borrowed capital.