Finding a Commercial Mortgage Loan Broker

Commercial mortgage loan brokers can be extremely helpful in finding and matching a potential buyer to the right loan from the right lender. It is important that you do your homework when finding a commercial broker to make sure you are fairly represented.

Avoid Problems

Protect yourself by spending the time to find the right broker to make sure you have the best experience. When possible, get a reference from colleague or friend for someone they've used. Don't be afraid to ask to for references or to check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure the broker has not had any unresolved complaints.

  • Shop around. Compare services, broker fees, and access to loan products before choosing a mortgage loan broker.

  • Read the agreement. Make sure you understand what services your broker will provide and what the fees will be for his or her service before you sign any agreement.

  • Be honest. When completing your loan application, be honest about your income, debt, and credit issues. Your commercial mortgage loan broker will only be able to help you if he or she knows your circumstances.