Exploring SBA Loans For Women

SBA loans for women are not necessarily different than the other general lending vehicles available for businesses. Females, however, do have an advantage in that the U.S. Small Business Administration funds Women's Business Centers to assist women in starting and running their own businesses. There are a number of different SBA loans for women and other owners.

Guaranty SBA Loans For Women

This type of lending instrument is available for minority SBA loan applicants, as well as the general business community. Under this program, the federal government will back loans written by private lending institutions to help small businesses do such things as obtain working capital, fund construction or expansion and so on.  Of the SBA loans for women, this vehicle is one of the best for start-up operations.

Certified Development SBA Loans For Women

SBA loans for women who need to finance bricks and mortar construction or equipment purchases are generally written under the Certified Development Company Loan Program. This program enables minority SBA loan applicants and others to enjoy fixed-rate, long-term financing.

Micro SBA Loans For Women

Of all the SBA loans for women, this vehicle might be the most flexible. Micro-loans are available for up to six years in a maximum amount of $35,000. They are obtained through nonprofit, pre-approved lenders and can be used for a wide variety of projects.