Evaluating Commercial Loan Servicing Professionals: A Checklist

Evaluating your commercial loan servicing is important for future relationships with the commercial loan lenders. The servicing of your loan by the lender’s commercial loan professional can make a difference in whether you choose to continue doing business with the lender or taking your business somewhere else. A few items that you need to look for when evaluating your commercial loan professional include their prompt handling of your questions, the efficiency they exhibit when processing your loan request and the service they provide you during the commercial loan process.


Promptness is a key customer service trait. It means that the commercial loan professional answers your calls and emails as soon as they receive them and answers your questions quickly. This individual understands that they represent the commercial lender and, as professionals, are duty bound to address your concerns with speed and attention to detail. A commercial loan servicing professional helps you obtain answers for your questions quickly.  The servicing professional’s attentiveness gives you a favorable impression of the loan company.


Being efficient means that the commercial loan servicing professional provides you with accurate information. This person does not waste your time on irrelevant information. They are mindful of your time and show the proper respect for it by focusing specifically on the job at hand.

An efficient customer service agent will provide you with all the paperwork you require quickly and give you exactly what you needed.  when a company's representative is not efficient, you can run around trying to get the right items for a few days or weeks, or remain on hold for extended periods of time.


Providing excellent customer services is the goal of every business. A commercial loan specialist who excels in meeting their customer needs in a prompt, efficient and friendly manner helps further the business relationship and is easier to work with when issues and concerns arise. Providing good customer service leads to additional business opportunities between you and the commercial loan lender.

If an agent is rude, abrasive or unhelpful your overall view of the company will be impaired. Special care must be taken to ensure that the customer service provided can be matched with the company’s ability to deliver on any promises or commitments made.  Following these tips will give you a guide to assist you in properly evaluating your commercial loan servicing professional.