Business Auto Loans

Business auto loans are loans for business vehicles. Depending on the size of your business, you can get a business auto loan of up to $100,000, at fixed or adjustable rates. When you are determining your loan rates, lenders consider the loan amount requested, the age of vehicle, the loan term and the advance rate.

Main Requirements for Business Auto Loans

Lenders have a number of common requirements for business auto loans:

  • The business must be profitable.
  • All principals owning 20% or more in the business must guarantee the loan.
  • Lenders require business and personal information for business auto loans greater than $50,000.

How Lenders Decide on Business Auto Loans

Lenders must consider whether or not a borrower will be able to pay back their loan. In order to decide whether or not they will approve your loan, lenders will look into your business statements and tax returns from previous years. If your business has low profits or if you just started your business, you will have to convince your lender that you will be able to make enough money to repay the loan.

A good business plan can increase your chances of getting your business auto loan. Having sufficient collateral, equity, and experience will also be very helpful. Lenders are more willing to give loans if you can put up collateral or if you can invest at least 25% in the purchase.