Benefits of Using the SBA

The federal government established the Small Business Administration (SBA) in order to preserve and protect a major source of revenue for the overall economy. No matter the stage of a small business, small business owners can benefit through using the SBA.

Start-Up Benefits

As a small business loan start up advisor, the small business administration provides answers to common questions and, more specifically, a checklist for starting a business.  The administration’s website offers a list of documents that a potential entrepreneur can use as reference, without charge.  Future business owners can find directions for planning a successful business, writing a business plan, and using preparation to execute a successful strategy.  The small business administration even provides opportunities for a new entrepreneur to connect with a mentor in the same market.  Basically, the SBA can walk a start up owner from the first step all the way through closing. 

Financial Benefits

The SBA provides small business owners with help obtaining loans, seed money, investments, and other financials.  Although SBA does not directly finance companies, it does guarantee lenders that loans will be repaid.  With encouragement from the SBA, lending companies are more willing to provide money to borrowers at better rates.  Small business loans can be more readily obtained with the help of the SBA and an SBA lender.  The SBA’s investment program includes privately owned investment firms that provide capital and add value to up and coming businesses.

Specialty Benefits

Depending on an entrepreneur’s background and circumstances, he or she may fall into a special category. Women, veterans, Native Americans, and young entrepreneurs are just some of the identified specializations recognized by the SBA. The SBA provides information and specific support to members of these audiences. 

Emergency Benefits

Following a disaster, the SBA can act as a financial savior to small business owners. The SBA offers low interest, long term loans to aid in the repair and rebuilding of losses incurred from disasters.

Overall Counseling

The SBA offers district offices in every state.  It provides guidance pertaining to laws and regulations. One office, called the Office of Advocacy, represents small businesses that are being burdened by the federal government’s policies. Another service alerts small business owners of newly imposed regulations. Overall, the SBA allows small businesses to be represented as powerful, knowledgeable entities.

Internet Benefits

On the SBA's website, browsers have access to a library and resources and audio and video services. Also, the SBA provides a backlog of monthly web chats. Small business forms and federal forms are also available to be investigated or copied and filled out.