Applying for Minority Business Loans Online

A minority business loan allows members of minority groups to obtain financial support for their business. Minority businesses are those that are at least 51 percent owned by a member of a racial minority group. Minority classifications include African-Americans, Hispanics. Latino Americans, Asian Americans and American Indians. These special classes have opportunities, through specific targeted programs, designed to level the playing field, and increase opportunities for economic development and ownership.

Applying for a Minority Business Loan

Applying for a minority business loan is usually a fast and simple process. Usually, the application can be completed online. Many state and local communities provide assistance through their economic development offices to provide information on various programs available to minority business. Additionally, the centers maintain computer access to program websites. These centers are usually staffed with a development specialist who provides information and guides an applicant through the loan process.

Assistance through a Local Public Library

Many local public libraries also provide assistance to minority businesses that are looking to obtain information and apply for a business loan online. These special sections work in cooperation with public and private financing sources, and provide seminars or online discussions with program lenders and experts. This provides a minority business owner with information and guidance.

24/7 Online Access

With the internet available 24/7, a minority business owner has access to information concerning loan programs anytime. The applicant can research qualifications, requirements and send an email request with questions.

Federal Government Loans

The federal government, through its various departments and agencies, also provides lending assistance to minority business owners. Although many of these programs are secondary guarantees provided to private lenders, there are other direct loan programs specifically tailored to meet the funding needs of minority businesses. The government lists these programs on the various department and agency websites and they may be found via

The online application process is streamlined and easy to use.  Almost all sites that provide information on minority business loans can be accessed in the comfort of the business owner’s office or home.  This information can also be viewed at any field, regional or main office of the lender or loan guarantor.