Applying for a Farm Service Agency (FSA) Loan Online

FSA loans are available for eligible farmers and ranchers, applications can be easily sumitted online, through the Farming Service Agency website. The online website can be a little confusing, here are a few important things to keep in mind:

FSA Online Account Registration

An eAuthentication, Level 2, account is needed to apply for the FSA loans through the agency's website. Therefore, you first need to create a user account to register yourself with the FSA using the "create an account" link. It is very important that you provide factual information on every required filled of the electronic form. These include your exact full name and a complete home address. A valid email address should be furnished in able for the government to confirm the registration. In addition, the applicant is also prompted to give his mother's maiden name, date of birth, and a 4-digit PIN for security measure purposes.

Account Activation and Verifying an eAuthentication Account

The account you created on the website needs to be activated. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided. Instructions are included on how to make your account active. In order to properly establish your identity, you are required to visit your local USDA service office and show your driver's license with photo, or a state-issued ID. Once you are verified, you can electronically sign documents using the USDA eForms system online.

Agricultural Loan Application

After obtaining an eAuthentication account, you can process all your FSA loans on the internet without visiting your local office, unless, your personal appearance is requested. All loan forms can be found on the same website located on the eForms page. You need to sign in using your ID and password. You will notice that when you log in to the eForm link for the first time, the system will ask you to create a new, and longer password. This warning should be complied as prompted. After accomplishing the request, you will be asked to login again using the new information provided.

Finding the Type of Loan Forms

Finding the FSA loan forms you needed for the application is easy, once you have log on to the right link. On the drop down menus, you need to select the FSA for the agency name, program name (the specific loan program that you want to apply), and the service name. Fill in the form number and title or keyword for faster retrieval of the form. In case you do not know the form number, all you need to do is just click the "search" button. Doing this displays all FSA loan forms.

Finalizing the Loan Application Process

Filling in each required field of the form is important. After this is completed, the "submit" button will take you to the state and county link. If you have a document to submit, you can attach it with the application form. An "attach" button is provided for you to do this. The kind of files you can attach are txt, doc, xls, pdf, jpeg, ppt, web equity manager exported ZIP files, or any non-executable type of file. Follow each instruction required on every stage. Before the final submission, verify each information provided. A confirmation email of the submission will be sent to your email address. After an FSA representative reviews the application, you will also be notified with an acceptance email. From then on, you will be informed for further instructions.