3 Sites for Information on Small Business Government Loans

Because small businesses provide so many jobs and makeup such a large part of many industries, small business government loans are issued in order to encourage start ups and survivals. The government values the role that small businesses play in the economy.  Information on small business government loans can be accessed through government websites online.   


This website offers nine types of business loans that apply to small private business owners, non-profit business owners, and special groups.  Each loan has specific details, terms, and eligibility requirements that can be accessed. 


The government has designated a group, called the Small Business Administration, to concentrate on helping out small businesses.  The homepage of this website allows you to choose between many informative options, including a tab for "services."  If you click on the "services" tab you can navigate to a comprehensive resource about financial assistance, including loans, for small businesses.   


Here you will find explanations to most of the government's business related work.  There is a column on the right of the homepage that includes a link to "finance and taxes."  Once you select "loans and grants" you will be able to research, ask questions, and determine what types of loans you qualify for.