3 Characteristics of a Top Commercial Mortgage Loan Broker

A top commercial mortgage loan broker is one that provides excellent service to their clients. The characteristics that separate a top broker from others is their willingness to do the extra things necessary to meet the needs of their clients. A top commercial mortgage loan broker is focused on meeting the needs of their clients, has the requisite experience and training, and understands market trends.

You should look for these characteristics when searching for a commercial mortgage loan broker.  A broker who possesses these qualities will provide you with the focus and service that you need to obtain the best commercial mortgage loan.

Customer Focused

A customer focused commercial mortgage broker works with their clients to find the best mortgage loan available for the client’s situation. This means that the broker asks many questions of their clients that are comprehensive and designed to better understand the things that are important to the client.  The broker will then take the information and develop a design a plan that will yield the best mortgage opportunities for the client.

Having a client focused broker means that your needs are met, before the financial needs and desires the adviser. You are assured that the advice that you receive from your broker is unbiased and not based on any incentives for higher payments from a third-party voice.


A top commercial mortgage loan broker should be experienced. An experienced broker understands the nature of the mortgage business and can find you the best loan available for your situation. Also, an experienced commercial mortgage loan broker can save you time, money and give you better rates. The expertise of the commercial mortgage loan broker is valuable because they will get the loan closed faster, save you money in your closing costs and will be able to shop around for the best rates.

Understand the Market

A commercial mortgage loan broker that understands the market can best provide you with the best loan and provide you with guidance. Whether based on their knowledge, experience or education, understanding the market means that they are less apt to employ a “follow the herd” mentality when finding a loan for you.

Finding a top commercial mortgage loan broker gives you the opportunity to do business with a professional.  Their focus and attention should result in a good loan with rates and terms that reflect your needs and not the needs of the broker or his or her firm.